Introducing our Insurance Team


We have been quietly working up a plan this year and are excited to announce that we now offer insurance! This has been a vision of Troy’s for a long time now and it is so fun to watch it come to fruition. Michele and Brennan took the insurance exam last week and passed with flying colors! We are all working behind the scenes to get the software and bank accounts and website and everything in order to be up and running very soon. We are excited to be able to offer a more full service to our clients.  Every commercial loan we do must be insured and we are happy that we will now be able to give insurance bids to our clients for their insurance as well as provide their commercial financing. Not only will we specialize in commercial insurance, because that is what we understand best, we will be offering home and auto insurance as well.  One day we hope to offer a full package of life and health too! Stay posted to hear more about our new adventure and give us a call in the coming weeks to see if we can save you money on your insurance expenses!!