New Construction Loans

Yesterday my family and I went for an evening walk after dinner. Sunday walks are always fun for us. Close to our house are new homes being built, so we decided to walk over to the homes under construction to view their floor plans and see the progress. It was fun to walk through a house that just had fresh drywall put up. It was fun to talk about the floor plan of each room and try to guess which room would be used for which purpose. Growing up, my mom and dad built a home when I was about 10. I remember going to our shell of a house and playing in and around it. My brother and I used to have dirt clod wars, and we would dig for granite rocks. We thought that we could sell the granite to a local rock company and get rich, so we gathered the rocks into gallon-sized Ziploc bags and brought them into our kitchen to consult with our business consultant, Mom. You can imagine the look on her face when her two young boys came trudging through the house with filthy clothes and Ziploc bags spilling granite bits everywhere. She advised us to not go through with our business idea, but applauded our inventiveness. There was an air of excitement when our home was finally completed, and we moved in. So many memories have been made in that home. The reason I share that is it can be that way with a business as well. The excitement of constructing a new building for business shares similar feelings to building a home. At First Capital, we love seeing the excitement on business owners’ faces as they open up their new buildings for business. Instead of writing a rent check each month, they have taken an intelligent step to building equity and creating a livelihood that will exist long after they retire. We strive to make the construction loan process easy and affordable, and we do our best to give our clients the best experience possible.

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