How is your credit?

Do you know what your credit score is?  What do you do to build your credit?

Average credit score in the United States: 687, Utah: 637, Minnesota: 718

Of all the states in America Utah and Texas have the lowest average credit scores in the United States.


A borrower’s credit score is very important when applying for a loan.   The higher the credit score, the more reliable the borrower.  Keep your credit score high!


Things to avoid:

  1. Paying late
  2. Not paying at all
  3. High balance on credit card
  4. Maxed out credit card
  5. An account sent to collections
  6. Defaulting on a loan
  7. Filing for bankruptcy
  8. Home foreclosure


Things to do:

  1. Get a copy of your credit score review it, find the areas you need to work on.
  2. If there are errors, dispute them!
  3. Pay off a debt- especially those with the highest interest rates
  4. Lower your credit card balances- Use cash!
  5. Pay off all past due balances
  6. Avoid a new credit card application
  7. Contact your creditors- they may have suggestions
  8. Be patient and diligent- it won’t happen overnight but your persistence will pay off!