The History of Halloween



Over 2,000 years ago the Celts celebrated their New Year on November 1st.  Celebrating the end of a warm summer and the end of harvest, and dreading the long, cold winter ahead.  They associated winter with death.  The night before November 1st was celebrated with big fires and they wore costumes.  On this eve before their new year, they believed that the boundary between the living world and the dead world was blurred.  As time progressed, it was named all hollow’s eve, now most cultures celebrate Halloween or the Day of the Dead in some way or another.


-The Celtics carved turnips because their land did not grow pumpkins

-Bobbing for apples is symbolic of Pomona the Roman goddess of fruit and trees

-In 609 A.D. the celebration of the Day of the dead began in Latin countries

-Haunted houses began in early Egypt- in order to protect bodies in pyramids they scared any potential body snatchers, with moving walls, self-opening doors, rooms full of snakes and insects, and traps.

-Halloween celebrations in America began in Maryland and the Southern Colonies because Protestant beliefs limited its followers from Halloween celebrations.

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