Pioneer Day in Utah

This weekend was Utah’s Annual Pioneer Day Holiday when we celebrate the Mormon Pioneers who settled the Salt Lake Valley. I am grateful for the sacrifice that the pioneers made to trek across the country and for their hard work in settling much of the beautiful state of Utah that I enjoy today. These pioneers were leaders, and had a vision of greater things. Who are the pioneers of your life? The first people that come to my mind are family members. We had our annual family reunion in Logan, Utah over the Pioneer Day Holiday, and I was very grateful to spend time with those that I love. I consider many of my family members to be pioneers in my life.

In terms of business, a pioneer for First Capital Commercial has been the SBA 504 product. Using this as a great vehicle for success, the SBA 504 program has really paved the way for us and we’ve created a unique niche in the state of Utah as one of the top 504 lenders in the state. Our clients have been very satisfied with only putting down 10% into their project and receiving 90% financing. Much of our work satisfaction comes from helping them accomplish their dreams of owning their own business, and we employ the SBA 504 program frequently to accomplish that.