January Birthdays

Here is a condensed list of famous individuals who were born in January-

Paul Revere

Eli Manning

Mel Gibson

Sir Isaac Newton

Nicolas Cage

David Bowie

Elvis Presley

Kate Middleton

Mary J. Blige

Liam Hemsworth

Orlando Bloom

Patrick Dempsey

Martin Luther King Jr.

Michelle Obama

Jim Carrey

Dolly Parton

Ellen DeGeneres

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Oprah Winfrey

Jackie Robinson

Justin Timberlake

When I look at this list I see history.  Past, present and future.  I am grateful for the legacy of these people who have changed society in some way.  Whether it was fighting for freedom and civil rights, or creating a number one album, they have positively affected our society.  Each business is a benefit to society.  Small businesses boost the economy significantly.  It makes us so happy to help businesses get in the doors of their buildings having saved money on their loan and interest rate.  Call us today to see how we can assist you as you make your dent on society.