Fall Weather

I’m sure I’m not alone with this…Once October 1st comes around in my home, my wife gets giddy. She loves this time of year because of the colors, weather, food, and holidays. She pulls out the Halloween decorations to add to the distribution of fall decorations around the house (that have been up since September 1st). She also loves everything with pumpkin. Pumpkin smoothies (yes, I know. I tasted her’s, and I’m not sure why anyone would order a smoothie with any semblance of pumpkin in it), pumpkin treats, pumpkin scented candles, and pumpkin themed outfits for our toddler. Though I don’t get nearly as amused as she does, I have to admit that Fall is pretty fun.

At First Capital Commercial, we get giddy to help our clients. We love helping them start their dream business or finally getting into a better building so that their business can be run more efficiently. We love to problem solve, and get the best pricing and terms for our clients. Let us go to work for you during this Fall season!

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