Commercial Lending Made Easy!

I woke up this morning to my alarm screeching. I felt well-rested, and I reached over to my alarm (phone) and clicked it off. I sat up to stretch, and that is when I felt it. A zinging pain in my neck caught my attention very quickly, and after a few seconds, my slow, still groggy morning mind put two and two together. I had kinked my neck in my sleep. I went about my morning doing my best not to notice the dull ache while also trying hard to not compensate too heavily for it. It is now 2:45 PM though, and my whole neck is stiff.

Today has helped me to realize how much we rely on our necks without thinking about it. Walking, looking down at our cell phone screens, checking blind spots (which today consists of my craning my entire body in the driver’s seat to see out the back window…), etc. It is very nice to take care of these daily “no-brainer” things without thinking about it. That is analogous to how First Capital Commercial wants to make the lending process. We believe in making the lending process as easy and simple and carefree as possible, so that you can go about doing what you want to do instead of constantly worrying about your commercial real estate loan. Believe me, its much easier than having a kinked neck! Now, please excuse me while I try a neck massage technique that I pulled off the internet…wish me luck!