Are your employees satisfied?


Here at FCC we are all about getting you into your building and making sure you can grow and succeed as a business.   But once you are in, there is a lot more that needs to happen.  Today we would like to talk about ways to improve employee satisfaction.

Positive work environment- Encourage one another and avoid micromanagement.  Give positive feedback and be sure that all criticism is constructive.

Be engaging- Include the employees in goal setting.  All employees need to feel like their work matters.

Recognition and rewards- Everyone needs a pat on the back every once in a while.

Stress free communication- Start out with open communication.  Expect open and honest communication and always be an example of this yourself.

Let me explain some of my favorite things we do here at FCC.  First off, we have a weekly staff meeting.  Now I know that staff meetings can be long and boring, but we include fun facts in our meetings and we have an action list that we use as our guide for the meeting so it is quick and precise.  I actually enjoy staff meetings!  I and love that we are all on the same page when we are done with them.  Another thing that we do here is Troy will occasionally surprise us with a company lunch or a paid afternoon off.  He is good about giving rewards and recognizing our hard work.   Sometimes it’s as simple as receiving an email saying- “thank you for your work” that will put a smile on my face and motivate me to continue working hard.  Troy also always recognizes our birthdays and holidays and we do fun little activities for March Madness and Cinco de Mayo.  He always gives us a birthday gift to enjoy a night out with our spouse or a friend and we have some great company Christmas dinners.  I hope these tips are helpful as you work on improving your employee satisfaction!